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Bi-Weekly Sexual Freedom Newsletter
Wednesday, April 12, 2022


Top Stories This Week

1. Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, 2022;

2. Why Texas courts matter in the abortion fight;

3. What it’s like to work for an abortion fund;

4. Keeping Texas’ gender clinic for trans youth open; 

5. Attacks on LGBTQ+ students;

6. Disbelief of survivors’ experiences; and

7. Tess’ take on the Jacksonville settlement. 



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From “X” Gender Passports to New TSA Regulations: Everything Happening on TDOV (them.) 

Samantha Riedel comments on the Trans Day of Visibility, which happened on March 31: “Visibility is a contentious subject in the trans community, and today’s Trans Day of Visibility — founded in 2009 by activist Rachel Crandall-Crocker to celebrate trans lives and joy, in contrast to the somber memorial of Trans Day of Remembrance — has become a day about which many bear mixed emotions. This year, those feelings are sharper than ever, as we feel the conservative backlash to trans visibility in transphobic laws and violence across the U.S. and abroad. But TDOV is also another day to take action against those who want to stifle trans voices.” Read more.


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Why Texas State Courts Matter in the Abortion Fight (Rewire News Group) 

Imani Gandy explains why Texas state courts matter in the abortion fight: “By attacking the penalty portion of Texas SB 8, lawyers in state court have removed Texas Right to Life and associates’ power to enforce the law, or even threaten to enforce the law, against their clients to dissuade them from providing care and assistance to providers and patients. This may not seem like much; after all, there are an infinite number of people who could become abortion snitches, and it’s not possible to name them all in a lawsuit. Still, it’s not nothing. Lawyers for providers and patient advocates in state court have made it clear that Texas’ arguments defending the law—and, indeed, the law itself—are disrespectful.” Read more.


(Teen Vogue)



Abortion Funds In Texas Are Sending Women Out of State for Care (Teen Vogue) 

Allegra Kirkland interviews Jess Hale on how Texas abortion funds are supporting people who need to travel out-of-state for abortions: “Three-quarters of our callers have had to seek care in other states to meet this growing need. We’ve worked to support people by increasing our funding for abortion — how much we’re able to give people whenever they call us. But with an influx of Texans traveling out of state to receive their care, it’s caused an undue burden on other states and increased waiting times for people. So it’s not only affecting Texans but our neighboring states as well, and it’s pushing abortion further out of reach for them because they have increasing wait times. Most of the people we serve go to neighboring states like Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana or Colorado. But some of our callers had to go as far as Baltimore.” Read more.



(Eric Gay/AP Photo)

Doctors and families petition to keep Texas’ only gender clinic for trans youth open (XTRA) 

Oliver Haug reports on the doctors and families petitioning to keep Texas’ only gender clinic for trans youth open: “After two Texas hospitals formally dissolved a clinic that provides gender-affirming care to trans youth late last year, hundreds of doctors, medical students and employees are now petitioning their administrations to prevent it from shuttering. The 850 signatories from both UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center in Dallas (which jointly operate the clinic) submitted a letter to hospital leadership last Friday, according to the Dallas Morning News, joining the outcry from hundreds of family members of patients in the program. The hospital staff allege that the changes violate doctors’ promises to promote ‘health and a healthy society.’” Read more.





The Right Wing is Attacking LGBTQ+ Students at Alarming Rate, Study Shows (INTO) 

Johnny Levanier highlights a recent study that shows right attacks on LGBTQ+ students: “It feels like every week there is some new legislation targeting LGBTQ+ youth and their supporters, from Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill to Texas and Idaho’s assault on trans minors. Now, a report tallying the number of proposed anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 2022 illustrates the true depth and gravity of the situation in vivid detail. The report, which was researched by the Movement Advancement Project (MAP) in partnership with the Equality Federation, found that this year 280 bills have been introduced targeting racial minorities and LGBTQ+ students in schools.” Read more.




(Kevin Serna for ProPublica)


She Said Her Husband Was Abusive. A Judge Took Her Kids and Ordered Her Arrest. (ProPublica)

Megan O’Matz shares Julie Valdez’s story of being ordered arrested as a survivor: “After the judge in her Wisconsin divorce case ruled that her ex-husband — a man who had sought treatment for anger and alcohol issues — would get legal custody of and equal time with their four children, Julie Valadez vowed to fight back. But in every key ruling that followed, the Waukesha County Circuit Court judge overseeing her case, Michael J. Aprahamian, found Valadez’s concerns about her ex-husband not credible and her actions unacceptable. Aprahamian took away her ability to co-parent her children. He held her in contempt four times. And after Aprahamian ordered her arrest, she braced herself for jail.” Read more.




(Erik McGregor/Pacific Press)


Tess’ Take: Reaching Settlement in the City of Jacksonville (Woodhull’s Sex & Politics Blog) 

Tess Joseph writes about the recent settlement in Jacksonville: “On March 22, 2022, reporters announced a victory for the sex work community. In a recent settlement, the City of Jacksonville, Florida will pay $60,000 to plaintiffs—local strip clubs and dancers—and the police will be subject to new restrictions. [...] The City of Jacksonville isn’t owed commendation for paying damages for the harm it caused, nor is it owed commendation for agreeing that its police must respect dancers’ rights. While these are certainly steps forward, there is much more justice to be done.” Read more.


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